Mangrove Kayak Tours

kayaking through tunnel in dense mangrove forest in Grand Cayman
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paddling throug opening in dense mangrove forest in Grand Cayman

George's Kayaks offers a unique daytime mangrove kayak tour like no other. Travel by kayak through the mangrove forest located just minutes away from Seven Mile Beach.

Your guide will lead you to a secluded inlet in the mangrove thicket where he will describe the significance of the delicate mangrove communities within the surrounding coral reefs. There is a wide variety of wildlife to see inside the mangroves. You will see birds such as "Cattle Egrets" and "Wood-peckers"; marine life such as tarpon and juvenile barracudas; Green iguanas, and fortunately, there are no poisonous or dangerous animals or bugs in the mangroves here in Cayman!

You will even be given the chance to hold the extraordinary 'Cassiopeia' jellyfish, better known as the 'Upside-Down' jellyfish. This particular type of jellyfish gives off a sting that is so mild, that it is possible to hold them with your bare hands, and not feel a thing!

You will notice lots of small fish living within the mangrove roots. The mangroves act as a nursery for juvenile fish, since it is well protected from outside predators.

Unlike other mangrove kayak tours in Cayman, we travel THROUGH the mangroves, and not just around them. There is a passage/tunnel that is naturally occurring that we journey through to get the most enjoyable experience. No other kayak tour takes you into the mangroves.

Located just minutes away from Seven Mile Beach, George's Kayaks offers a tour that is not only unique, but is also in a convenient location for anyone staying along Seven Mile Beach. Other kayak tour operators in Cayman would have you drive fifty minutes to the other side of the island for a tour.

George's Kayaks offers free pick-up for any hotel guests staying along Seven Mile Beach, and even if you have your own car but are unsure of how to get to the Cayman Islands Yacht Club, we can drive to you, and you can follow us in your own car.

All tours are limited to relatively small groups, giving guests a far more private and in-depth tour experience.

George is very passionate and experienced in what he does, delivering a professional and unforgettable kayaking experience to every guest. George was born and raised in Grand Cayman, and has been kayaking through the mangroves since he was a child. Your guide provides a fun and educational narrative covering the island's ecology and history, pointing out scenes of interest and revealing interesting facts about the many fascinating plants and animals you encounter and interact with along the way.

You should wear swim wear or clothes you don't mind getting wet in. You will get wet from the waist down. Also, it is advised that you bring your own towels so that afterwards you can sit on a towel in your vehicle.

Tour Details

Minimum age is 6 years old
Maximum weight is 250 pounds per person (due to kayak limitations)
Bottled Water and Life vests included
$45 US per person
Tour lasts for 2 hours
Free Pick-up from hotels and Condos along Seven Mile Beach

Cayman Islands Yacht Club
164 Yacht Drive, Yacht Club Docks, Dock B
(West Bay direction) near Seven Mile beach and Calico Jacks
This is NOT the George Town Yacht Club.

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