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Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) tour in Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

We offer the most reliable and professional stand up paddle boarding rentals service in the Cayman Islands. We have a new line of light-weight stand up paddle (SUP) boards that are perfect for people of all ages. Our SUP board rental service is offered in Grand Cayman.

Our service is quick and easy; all you have to do is call us at: (+1) 345-923-7078 and ask to rent one or more stand up paddle boards; then, we will deliver the board(s) to wherever you are staying, and once you are done, we will collect the board(s) from you.

Once we deliver the stand up paddle boards to you, you are free to keep it in your condo/apartment/hotel room and use it whenever you please. Our most popular rental time is for a week, as SUP boarding in Cayman is a great activity for the kids, so renting one or two boards for the week is perfect for keeping your friends and family entertained during your whole stay in the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands are the perfect place to rent stand up paddle boards, since there are consistently warm and calm waters, especially just off the world famous Seven Mile beach in Grand Cayman, where the majority of the hotels and condos are. Cayman Islands stand up paddle boarding rentals are one of the fastest growing activities in Cayman. It is now very common to see people gently paddling along the entire strip of Seven Mile beach.

Stand up paddle boarding rentals in Grand Cayman are great for anyone who loves snorkelling because standing up on the board gives you a much higher view point whilst out on the water, so that you can see where the coral and good snorkelling is. Stand up paddle boarding Grand Cayman’s calm waters is an amazing and relaxing experience, and is a must for anyone staying in the Cayman Islands.

Stand up paddle boarding requires no experience, and is very easy. If you plan to exercise whilst on holiday in Grand Cayman, why not exercise through renting one of our stand up paddle boards? There is a wide variety of exercise methods that can be done on a stand up paddle board: From paddling along Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile beach, to doing yoga on a SUP Board, there are many alternative ways to exercise whilst vacationing in the Cayman Islands. Stand up paddle boarding can also be very easy, so you will only become tired if you intentionally use the board to exercise.

Not only is our Grand Cayman stand up paddle boarding rental service easy and quick to use, but the light-weight, durable and newly imported SUP boards that we rent out are easy to use as well. Each board is 11 feet long, and only weighs 26 pounds! These boards are made from special grade foam that allows them to be so light weight, making them much more convenient and easy to carry from your apartment/condo to the beach. Our stand up paddle boards are also very stable and easy to stand up on due to their relatively wide base, and long length (11 feet), meaning that the whole family is able to enjoy this fast growing watersport in Grand Cayman.

Paddle Board Rental Rates (per 24 hours)

1 day rental.....$95 US
2 days rental.....$140 US
3 days rental.....$175 US
4 days rental.....$199 US
5 days rental.....$215 US
6 days rental.....$230 US
7 days rental.....$245 US

10% discount when two or more boards are rented.
Free delivery and pick-up of stand up paddle boards.
Every SUP board comes with adult and child life jacket and paddle.
We accept cash and cards (except American Express)

For the best rates and stand up paddle board rental service in Grand Cayman, contact George's Watersports at:

(+1) 345-923-7078 •