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Experience Cayman's most awe inspiring kayak eco tours and excursions. We offer the widest selection of kayak eco tours in the Cayman Islands. All of our kayak tours are convieniently located within a 5-10 minute drive from Seven Mile beach, including our extremely popular night bioluminescent kayak tour. We also offer a daytime mangrove kayak tour and a night full moon mangrove kayak tour.

Our tours are truly once in a life time experiences for people of all ages - a must for anyone visiting the Cayman Islands. All of our kayak tours are located in lush, thick, pristine mangrove forests and bio bays just minutes from Seven Mile Beach. All of our tour groups are limited to a small number of guests, affording each guest unparalleled levels of personal service and attention.


Map to George's Watersports (5 minute drive from Seven Mile beach):


Kayaking in Grand Cayman provides a healthy means of connecting with nature while enjoying fun, educational and relaxing touring experiences. George's Kayaks offers the broadest selection of kayak tours to the very best locations in the Cayman Islands.

As you kayak through deep mangrove forests you will learn of the intricately balanced eco-systems within the Cayman Islands and how they are all inter-connected. You will be shown many elements of nature, many of which will awe and astound you. And most of all, you will have a relaxing and fun kayaking tour with a highly knowledgeable guide native to the Cayman Islands.

Kayaking is an easy and fun way to spend a morning or afternoon with friends and family. No experience is required and our professional tour guides will be there to show you everything you need to know. Our Kayaks tours put you directly in the thick of the mangroves, ocean and your surroundings, creating unique experiences that you will treasure forever. Kayaking creates fun and healthy experiences for people of all ages.

Specials and Updates - December 17, 2017

Don't miss our NEW Grand Cayman bioluminescent kayak tours. We are now offering bioluminescent kayak tours to newly discovered bio bays in the Cayman Islands — all just minutes from seven mile beach. One new bioluminescent location lies inside a pristine mangrove forest, which is only a five minute drive from most hotels along Seven Mile beach. Cayman kayak tours provide wonderful opportunities for spending quality time with family and friends. It is nothing short of amazing seeing the ocean light up in the dark of night during our night bioluminescence kayak tours. It looks like an ocean of bright stars as you move your paddle through the water. We are the only kayak company in the Cayman Islands offering bioluminescent kayak tours in these newly discovered locations. You no longer have to drive an hour to Northside to kayak the amazing bioluminiscent light displays — now you can see them in Grand Cayman conveniently located just minutes from Seven Mile beach. Kayaking in Cayman is very fun because you get to be outside and enjoy the warm weather, whilst appreciating all the natural beauty in the surrounding mangrove forest.

We also offer an amazing daytime mangrove kayak tour in Grand Cayman. Over the past few months, we have seen a huge variety of wildlife. On our Cayman kayak tours, you will see many different types of birds, such as white cattle egrets and herons; you will also see a lot of fish swimming through the mangrove roots, such as snapper and tarpon. Our daytime mangrove kayak tours are the perfect activity for anyone who is looking to have a fun and exciting time with friends and family. You will also learn about the important role that the mangroves play in sustaining Cayman's delicate ecosystem.

We also offer a unique full moon kayak tour in Grand Cayman. During this tour, we kayak through a secluded mangrove forest, which is conveniently located only five minutes from Seven Mile beach. This tour is truly a once in a life time experience because so few people have ever witnessed an entire mangrove forest become illuminated by a full moon. Our Cayman full moon mangrove kayak tour is held every month on the full moon, and also the night before and after the full moon.

We have also recently started to offer stand up paddle board rentals, to add to our already large variety of Cayman kayak tours and excursions. Stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing watersport in the world, and now you can rent your very own SUP board for up to a week with us.